Porch Garden Pots Sustainability Mission

Porch Garden Pots create and expand green space for plants, especially in urban environments.  The power of growing carbon-trapping plants on otherwise inorganic space is real, but the massive boost comes from eliminating the entire carbon chain that ends with a tomato in your salad or a sprig of mint in your mojito.  Growing your own produce is good for you and great for the planet.

Porch Garden Pots Sustainability Badges


  1. Porch Garden Pots are made well so that their durability is high.  There's nothing sustainable about throw away items, and we expect our pots to last decades because they're much, MUCH tougher than standard plastic planters.  This allows our pots to multiply their carbon offsets for each year in their service life.

  2. The pots are also made of 100% recyclable and high quality plastics (PP and HDPE). 

  3. We also reduced our packing materials, eliminating a common source of extra waste.

  4. It was a bit tricky, but we were able to source bio-degradable plastic bags to bundle and protect loose components - so when you're done with the bag, it's safe to pitch it in the trash.


If you have ideas about how we can be more sustainable, we'd love to hear them!  Drop us an email at: and you'll hear back from us!