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Why Our Supporters Can’t Wait to Receive Their Porch Garden Pots

And Now, Our Supporters

We divided up our Kickstarter supporters into categories to accurately represent how each person made a difference in our funding and the growth of our dreams. Our supporters are as follows:

Early Supporters

  • Natalie Benson
  • Mike

Big Early Supporters

  • Stephanie
  • Scott Hintz
  • Julie Young
  • Jim Michener
  • Elsa Gumm
  • Robert
  • Jessica Schwab
  • Lisa Rudolph
  • Margaret Desmond
  • Arielle Hurst
  • Dana Quinley
  • Poppy Peachee
  • Luke Brady
  • Casey Alpiar
  • Chris
  • Kendra Garchow
  • Katlin Zach
  • Casey Spangler
  • Robert
  • Hilaria McAllister
  • Jillian Banks
  • Robert & Kristine
  • Carter Erickson

Bigger Early Supporters

  • Steven Siffringer
  • David Jones
  • Michelle Ott
  • Grace Kilpatrick
  • David Parker
  • Stefani VanAken
  • Ian Spaulding
  • Laurie Everitt
  • Jacqlyn Young
  • Ryan Mullin
  • julie
  • Chrysta Kilgore Richards
  • Sarah
  • RB Nichols
  • Tania Jennings
  • Melina Starr
  • Clare Smith

Biggest Early Supporters

  • Jacob Bettin
  • Scott Kasten
  • Andrea Cavonis
  • Sarah Peter
  • KB
  • Andy Nauta
  • Brandi Castillo
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Juan Medina
  • Maren Hoye
  • Carlos Chamizo
  • Joe & Carol D.
  • Roger Dechamps
  • Christopher Anderson
  • Ryan J. McEathron
  • Paige Dorsey
  • Julie Tarman
We would like to give one big THANK YOU to every single person on this list who helped us get closer to our goals. Every person on this list is a rockstar in our books for allowing us to bring Porch Garden Pots to life. If you haven’t already, take a moment to look at our shop and buy your very own Porch Garden Pot.