10 Year Warranty

Porch Garden Pots were designed and manufactured to last.

We proudly stand behind that statement with a 10 Year Warranty that covers pots and brackets.  If you have any issue with a Porch Garden Pot, or bracket, that you feel we, the manufacturers, are responsible for, we will remedy the problem.  

Warranty Process:

  1. Send us an email (Support@PorchGardenPots.com) explaining the problem you've had.
  2. Include photos/videos documenting the problem.
  3. A member of our quality team will contact you and work through the problem until you are satisfied with the outcome.

It's a simple, hands-on, customer-focused process that we hope earns back your trust as a Porch Garden Pots patron.    


NoteCable ties are not covered by the 10 year warranty and should be replaced periodically.  Each pot comes with 6 UL rated industrial cable ties for this reason.  Cable ties should be inspected periodically, each season, and replaced if signs of wear are visible.