Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3
Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3
Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3
Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3
Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3
Side view of Porch Garden Pots installed on a porch.
View of apartment porches with Porch Garden Pot planters installed. Break out text box that reads “Beauty and Privacy With a View.”
White fence decorated with Porch Garden Pot planters.
Street-view of house with Porch Garden Pots planters hanging on porch railing.
A size guide of the Porch Garden Pot system. Nin inches deep, 6.85 inches wide, and 7.3 inches long.
Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3

Porch Garden Pots - Set of 3

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Status:  IN STOCK
Pot Size:  9 x 7.3 x 6.9 inches
Bracket Size:  2 x 1.2 x .5 inches
Cable Ties:  
15.75 inches & 175 Pound Rated
Color:  Black
Pot Material:  
Load Rating:  
100lbs / 45kg
Organic Grow Method:  YES


  • Doubles grow area over railing top planters if used on one side of railing.  Double that again when used on both sides

  • Holds over 100 pounds and is safe in high winds
  • Saves space by shifting plants off of usable deck and railing surfaces

  • Gives total control over plant arrangement, height and spacing for improved garden appearance and function

  • Improves seated views and adds privacy over railing top planters

  • Optimized drainage, drips away from mounting surface

  • Accepts screws for additional mounting locations (walls & fences)
  • Developed and sold by a small, family owned business.

  • Patent pending and backed with a 10 Year Warranty 

About Porch Garden Pots:
This new approach to vertical gardening makes growing on railings, fences and walls safe and easy.  Simply zip or screw the brackets on and hook the pot in.  Grow on either or both sides of your railings for enormous urban gardens in tiny spaces.  It's also ideal for stairs where railings aren't level and placing pots between the railing and where you walk can be dangerous.  For fenced in yards, enjoy rabbit proof gardens that you can easily mow and play under.  Another great benefit of the system is that gives you more control over how your garden is organized and looks because you can choose the height and spacing of each plant!  The brackets also make it easy to temporarily remove the pots to avoid bad/cold weather, especially in the spring when night time frosts are forecasted.

We put a lot into creating a feature packed gardening planter that'll make it easy for you to use and enjoy for years to come.  Order yours today and convert some unused space into green space!

  • Unmatched flexibility to grow, organize, move and display plants in exactly the way you like because they attach anywhere along the inside or outside of your railing spindles.  Or both!

  • Save 100% of your habitable deck, balcony, porch or stoop space by moving your plants to the outside railing surface.
  • Extremely safe, durable and well built.  Capable of holding over 100 POUNDS on railing spindles as small and slippery as a 1/4 inch!

  • 200+ pound crush resistant and UV resistant, too.  Part of our sustainability mission is to make high-quality and long-lasting pots.

  • Very easy to set up.  No tools needed for railings — installs in less than a minute. Bracket also accepts screws allowing attachment to walls and fences.

  • Plants get more light and grow better on the outside/sunny side of railings. System is safe to use on balcony railing exteriors at any height.

  • 10-Year Warranty

    A stylish, high-quality and easy to use home for your plants that'll save space and look great for years to come.  Order yours today!


    How it all started:

    Here's the Kickstarter video we made to bring Porch Garden Pots to life!


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