Beautify Your Space With Vertical Planters

A Little Bit of This⬆️Right Outside Your Door


Create and Save Space

These days, everyone is a plant parent! Large pots with your favorite plants are probably all over your home right now, and chances are that you’re having to move around them as you go about your daily life. No one is saying this is a bad thing — if you love your floor plants, then more power to you! We just want you to know something: there is a more convenient way to enjoy your green, leafy friends — and at eye level too! Our vertical gardening planters let you elevate your favorite plants so you can have more room around your home for doing things you love.

Choose the Plants that You Want to Be Surrounded By

Growing the perfect combination of plants is a goal to aspire to!  It's everything from how the plants look, smell and possibly taste to how happy and healthy they are.  The best part about owning plants is getting those fresh green plant babies vibing with you and looking great. Some vertical planters, like ours, truly let you embrace this by giving you the flexibility to adjust the height and spacing on either side of your railing.  Put them up at eye level for easy care and watering, or tuck them low for a birds eye view.  Bunch them up or spread them out, you're in control!  Our pots are large enough for most edible and decorative plants, and they're certainly strong enough!  We test them to hold over 100 pounds, which would be a very large tomato plant....

Create Varying Levels

One of the best things about vertical planters is that you can get creative with your placement and design! Create levels, bunches and patterns with your plant placements and turn your porch into a jungle where one doesn’t know where one plant starts and another begins! Have some fun with hanging plants and give your outdoor space some character. Plus, varying levels give you a heightened sense of privacy, which leads us to our next point!

Maximize Privacy

Vertical planters overflowing with beautiful, fresh, relaxing plants are wonderful!  They can transform a lifeless balcony into a living, breathing sanctuary overnight.  But, with the right type of vertical garden planter, they can do more by serving as a discrete privacy screen.  Porch Garden Pots make it easy to selectively block the views you want to obstruct and keep the ones you don't because they attach anywhere you want!  And why not let that privacy fence add zen-filled vibes to your life and fresh food to your kitchen?  Get yours today!

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Don’t let city living keep you bringing your lush gardening dreams to fruition! Vertical garden planters make homegrown blooms, berries, vegetables, and your favorite plants an attainable goal. ...Even for gardeners with tiny terraces, cramped apartment balconies or petite porches. Just think, you can grow the freshest meals AND the tabletop decorations for that tiny apartment kitchen dining area right outside your balcony railing! These space-saving garden planters cater to every style, budget, and specialty. Try our vertical planters today!

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