4 Great Places For Our Gardening Planters

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Woman standing on balcony beside flower planted in red hanging planter


Hanging plant pots are in style right now, which means you’ll upgrade your curb appeal by adding planters on your balcony. This will not only level up the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but will also make your home and balcony more inviting for your family and guests. But keep in mind that you should always invest in buying quality, durable, and beautiful hanging planters to maximize your value.

Modern minimalist living room with plants


Hanging vertical garden planters on your indoor and outdoor walls can transform your home in ways that will surprise you. Whether you're looking to create some screening to provide privacy on a wall, fence, or patio, or you want to grow plants against a wall in a tight space, you can't go wrong with vertical planters and hanging plant holders. Brighten up a bare wall, add color and screening outdoors,  or add flare to your unexciting exterior wall.

Modern stone deck with green plants


Railing planters on your deck have a way of classing up your outdoor space as well. Installing them on your deck is quick and easy. Just mount these plant pots with hooks or ledges, and you're good to go.

Wood fence in residential area


Garden fence planters are an efficient way to make the most of your outdoor space. They’ll cover up the unused vertical areas with flowers and plants you love. Instead of having a dull fence wrapping your property, consider hanging plant pots on your fence to make your home colorful and bright. Instead of a boring fence surrounding your property, you can use planter boxes to add a splash of color and style.

Looking for durable, stylish, and safe garden planters to lighten up your homes in unique ways? Porch Garden Pots carries the best garden planters and hanging plant pots that can transform your space into a welcoming green oasis.

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